Hi there, I couldn’t be happier to have you stumble across my blog!

My name is Rose, though most refer to me as Rosie, but you take your pick! I’m 18 years of age, residing in northern Virginia; here I live with my family in the beautiful foothills of the blue ridge encased by its vast mountains, lush forests, and small creeks.
Some would categorize me as being solely a photographer, but to me, that’s a bit limiting when it comes to my interests! To put it simply, I’m an artist. While photography is primarily where I thrive in the creative world, my general interest in art is wide-ranging! My interests are many, but generally you’ll find me photographing, drawing, doing a bit of painting here and there, frolicking with tunes on my piano and writing, be it poetry or my innermost thoughts. 😉

My love for art was instilled in me at a young age by the natural world around me, I grew up in the countryside and still, here I live in the countryside; thus, the thing that inspires me and my creativity most is nature. I’ve always felt a connection to it and I’ve had a fondness for it ever since my curious self came into this world, ha!

Though I must say the remarkable beauty of nature is only half of where my inspiration is derived, I’m a total empath and a people person; not only do I love people, but the human emotions, both yours and mine? I feel those deeply, so conveying that in the art I create is everything to me. I enjoy studying people, their emotions, movements, expressions, and behaviors. The more I operated my camera, the more I wanted to learn about people, their stories and how they work. On that note, photography enables much, whatever I observe, experience, touch or even hear will have some influence on my daily life, my moods, and how I visualize and execute my ideas etc. Art is not simply something I create, it’s a part of me that I’ll always want to express and share with others, uncomfortable or not.

I center around portrait photography, self-portraits to be more precise! I began taking self-portraits around the age of 13. Of course then, I had limited resources to make the ideas I envisioned come to life, but fast forward to today, I’m grateful for the challenges it brought me then as it taught me to improvise, innovate, and experiment constantly regardless of those limitations. It benefits my current work in numerous ways, one being able to work magic even in small spaces, or use nearby objects when my tripod isn’t at hand, then there are all the techniques I’ve developed over time to give my images that extra flair.

My choice of career has taken many different directions over the years. As of late it’s becoming a dancer, which is definite as far as I’m concerned and its influence can be found in most of my work. Dancing for me, is freeing. I feel most confident when I’m moving artfully and too, since I’m such a deep feeling person, my thoughts/feelings can be overwhelming, so to express their complexity through movement, expressions and without words is something very special and personal to me.

From wanting to be a model to a fashion designer, all these interests I try to incorporate into my images; Thus, my fashion sense is something I take pride in and you’ll find that the majority of clothing/styling in my portraits are assembled strips of cloths, curtains, blankets, scarves, you name it!(Sometimes a bit of nature gets mixed in there as well.) And of course, many of the outfits are actually real pieces, hehe! I adore vintage clothing, so trips to the thrift store happen often around here!


What is my goal? In a world where destruction(whether it’s of our mind, body, or overall environment)seems so prominent, I want this to be an honest, loving and uplifting space, one that communicates the strength in our vulnerability. Not only do I want to create beautiful things, but ultimately I want those things to be something you can relate to or be inspired by.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read a bit about me as well! I love conversation, so if you have any questions or simply want to chat please don’t hesitate to contact me. Oh, and there’s my face. ->